Radio station FM 96.3
Broadcast date 19 Sep 2006
Time 8.15-8.25 AM
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Article from J-plus September issue, used with permission from J-plus

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Business Pilot

Broadcast timing: Every Tuesday, 8:15 - 8:25 AM
Sponsor: Kaze Corporation

"Let's Create an Original Radio Show!" is a special project on FM96.3's regular segment of Business Pilot. Mr. Tamura Fumishige, the Business Pilot "navigator" with J-plus in tow, called on Bunka Language School which had applied to participate in this programme. The participants are students from the school's advanced course (JETRO Business Japanese) under teacher-in-charge, Mizusaki sensei. For their show, these Japanese-proficient students came up with an interesting discussion topic of "The differences between Japanese and Singaporean Salary Man (white-collar workers)". The recording airs on 19th September. Schools or organizations interested in creating their own original shows on Business Pilot, are welcomed to apply!

Captions of pictures:
(left) Mizusaki sensei
(right) Students of Bunka Language School