The Bunka Matsuri Charity

Red Cross Donation Drive for Sulawesi Earthquake

Society for the Physically Disabled

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1000 Enterprises for Children-in-NeedProgramme

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Bunka Students Volunteer in Japan

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Singapore Children’s Society

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Passion for Life

25 Feb 2012

Passion for Life
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Love Japan 2011 by Bunka

Uploaded 27 Apr 2011

The magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake followed by the tsunami that
hit eastern Japan caused extensive damages and loss of lives.
We feel your loss and we share your grief. Ganbatte, Japan!

Straits Times Pocket Fund

29 Aug 2010

Straits Times Pocket Fund

Bunka celebrates 25 years with
$10,000 donation to the Straits Times School Pocket
Money Fund. See press release